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There are several government and non-government organizations providing financial aid to the needy, to students, to patients, to the disabled, to the unemployed, to low income groups and more. Though reasons differ from individual to individual, their need remains all the same - financial help. For a know how of those providing financial aid in different sectors and procedures to apply for it today , read on...

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Annandale P.E.O. Offering Grants PCE Scholarship For local student

Annandale P.E.O. Awards

The P.E.O. PCE (Program for Continuing Education) scholarship for the 2015-2016 educational year was introduced to Jackie Curcio of Hillsborough. Jackie got the $1,500 scholarship which will help her to proceed her studies at the LPN program at Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School to develop into a Licensed Practical Nurse.

PCE Eligibility Requirements

1. Citizen of United States and Canada
2. Enrolled for certification or any full time program
3. Living and Studying in the United States or Canada

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About PCE(Program For Continuing Education)

The P.E.O. PCE (Program for Continuing Education) scholarship and grant program offers financial assistance to women of all ages whose education and learning has been disturbed and who find it essential to return to school to finish a degree that enhances their marketable skills for occupation.

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P.E.O. was established on January 21, 1869, by seven students at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. This group of kindred spirits – insured by their passion for women's prospects – eventually extended to include women off campus, as well. Now, P.E.O. has expanded from that tiny membership of seven to almost a quarter of a million members in chapters all over the U.S. and Canada, with head office in Des Moines, Iowa.

Almost 88,000 women have gained from P.E.O.'s educational scholarships, grants, loans, awards, special projects, and stewardship of Cottey College, a completely approved, private generous arts and sciences college for women in Nevada, Missouri. Cottey College consumes 14 structures on 11 city blocks, and provides two-year and four-year applications for 350 students.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EFC dealing with FAFSA

Expected Family Contribution(EFC) is the measurement techniques of family's strength, when you apply for FAFSA, this will be calculated based on formula established by law. If you are applying for any grant, you have fill the FAFSA form online in which EFC is calculated, if it is below 4000, it means you can get Federal Pell Grant.

Lower the EFC higher the Pell Grant Amount

These are the following things have been considured in the EFC formula

1. Family taxed and untaxed income
2. Family Asset and benefits
3. Family Social Security

When you fill the FAFSA form, everything you have to mentioned in the form about your Family, it will be used to calculate to your EFC, and this EFC will be used for your Grant money and school will be used also this to determine Federal student aid eligibility and grant award.

EFC is the code number only, not an amount used by school and colleges.

Application form for free scholarships in USA

Friends, you must be looking for scholarships in USA for your higher studies, there are many resources available in the internet to search your scholarships, you will find everywhere, but you will find more organic and good result in comparison to earlier days due to Google Search Engine updation. Now you can search your query in Google to find good information about scholarships and colleges.

What type of Scholarship you are looking for, there is free scholarships terms exists, each and every schools and colleges have own department of scholarships and grants, if you know the particular school and colleges, you can consult directly or through any finance advisor. Lot of scam also available in the market too, they will ask money from you against getting you grants, no need to give any single penny to them.

You can search grants opportunities, there are many resources like,, etc. There is a official website for grants called, where you can search grants available in your community.

Why I have choosen this title of my write-up, because I wanted to guide you, there is no such free scholarships available. Free means, there is no money you have to give to someone in against getting scholarships.

Some of the Grants Website to search grants availability

If you want to receive twits from FAFSA, you can follow @FAFSA.

See five minutes video explaining FAFSA

Various Informative Websites


Friday, 30 November 2012

Free Applications For Federal Student Aid

Are you struggling to get through school financially although not sure where to turn next? Perhaps you have exhausted loan options but are sick of paying large fees just to request for the loan and being turned down anyway at the end? You will be glad to find out that there exists cost-free Federal Student Aid applications available to you.
To get started on discovering more you begin by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). A FASFA is an application for Federal Student Aid and is required for student aid, work-study, and or school grants. It could also be used for some additional private aid.

Submit your Free Application at
By going to the FASFA website, you'll be able to submit your free application for any institute of higher learning of your choosing. After sending out your application, you will get a student aid report (SAR). This letter will arrive between 3-5 days with instructions regarding how to access your student aid report (SAR) online. If you prefer a direct copy of your SAR, it can be mailed to your home address provided in the application.
Upon completing an application, you will be asked a variety of personal questions pertaining to your financial status in addition to which school you plan on attending. If you provide all of the information and required signatures, you will receive your SAR. Your SAR will contain information including your expected loan amount plus your data release number. This post is vital to help determine how much Federal Aid money you are eligible for.
When completing the application you will need some information from such items as your social security card, a driver's license and any W-2 forms from a previous year. The school you intend to attend will make the final decision on how much federal aid you are awarded per semester.
In order to receive Federal Student Aid there are several requirements you will need to meet. A few of the criteria you must meet include being a United States Citizen with a valid social security number. You must also have your high school diploma or GED. Those that were convicted of the sale or possession of any illegal substances while they actively receiving a federal loan or grant will have to fill out a separate form, finally you ought to be eligible for aid or partially eligible for aid to receive any additional loans through school.
Completing the FASFA is a free and straightforward method to receive school funding if your family is in need of financial aid. By gathering some fundamental information about you and your family's income with your tax returns and income statements and being prepared prior to starting, you will have your FASFA completed in no time. Learn more at
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